New Work in Oil and Cold Wax

I have recently begun using oil and cold wax for my paintings. This medium provides many possibilities in working with layers to create a sense of texture. It is particularly effective in suggesting twigs, leaves and undergrowth and can be drawn into to create movement.

This piece, INTO ELYSIUM, has just won Highly Commended at the Black Swan Open exhibition in Frome .  I have several more multi-image pieces on the go at the moment and really enjoy working this way.

This week I have begun to work on a series of small oils for Somerset Art Weeks. So far I have begun five of them, none of which are finished. I am finding it quite difficult working in this medium again, using a combination of brush and palette knife. I am using a fast drying medium so that I don’t have to wait weeks for the thick paint to dry. I will post more as they continue ( I hope) to be resolved. They are based on hedgerows, wasteland and overgrown verges. Trying to convey the beauty and chaos of these sites is proving quite a challenge.


Well, it's all go again, getting work ready for Somerset Art Weeks, finishing various projects and have greeting cards and new business cards printed. It's been a really busy year do far, with no sign of it slowing down. Sales have not been good, but opportunities seem abundant so I guess that's something to be pleased about.